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DRONETECH Brokerage Event - the centre of DRONES for professional and individual passionates as well as  the common platform for  presenting the latest trends in DRONE TECHNOLOGIES and their use for multiple civilian and commercial purposes  

What to Expect


The event is addressed to all interested  in the field of drone technology i.e. unmanned aircrafts and overland vehicles.  It will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities, institutions, research and scientific centres from Europe and other parts of the world interested in sharing knowledge, experience, new project ideas and finding collaboration partners. 


  • Registration prior to the event is compulsory
  • The event is free of charge for all professional attendees
  • All participants will present the ideas ready for international partnerships
  • Working language is English

How it works

A brokerage event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. 25 minutes are usually enough to build connections, then the bell rings and the next talk starts.

1. Registration
14 July - 1 October

During the registration you can set when you want to be available for meetings. This determines up to how many meetings you can have.

2. Set up a profile

11 September - 1 October

Next up you create a profile that will be visible to other signed up attendees on the event website. This profile describes what you are looking for and can offer to potential partners.

3. Request meetings
11 September - 1 October

Now you can start to receive and send meetings requests to attendees you want to meet at the event.

4. Build connections
A few days prior to the event, the exact time and place for your meeting will be scheduled. You will receive an email with your meetings schedule or you can always check it online or via the app.


The exhibition space, open only for participants interested in establishing business contacts, is over 470m2 of space designed to provide comfort. The organisers are committed to provide exhibitors with the most optimal presentation environment possible, so they offer configurable spaces in terms of size, shape and equipment. Also the space for B2B meetings during the brokerage event will be convenient enough to deliver fruitful talks.


The Bydgoszcz airport is located around 40 km from Torun and it is connected by regular public transport. Torun is also connected by direct trains with all major cities in Poland. Find more information about departures and arrivals of the trains.

Find hotels in Torun with small descriptions and websites where you may book a room.

Location for B2B Talks

Arena Torun
73/89, Gen. J. Bema
87100 Torun /  POLAND             

Exhibition space

Łukasz Kaźmierczak
Tel. +48 504 747 071     lukasz@dronetech-poland.com

                    WHO WE ARE

Here you can find the ORGANISERS and the MAIN PARTNERS of the Brokerage Event.




The Enterprise Europe Network, initiated and supported by the European Commission, consists of more than 600 business support organisations in 60 countries, providing services for local SMEs on competitiveness & innovation in Europe and beyond. In Kuyavian-Pomeranian it is affiliated at Torun Regional Development Agency.

Lidia Chumowicz
Tel. +48 693 930 947

Miłosz Warachewicz
Tel. +48 56 699 54 80

Tomasz Urbanowicz
Tel. +48 56 699 55 20

Paweł Słupski
Tel. +48 504 747 075